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Psychosocial Support and Trauma Specialist Services

Work with a global team of trauma and crisis specialists who understand how to build a supportive and safe work environment.

Techniques to help you cope in a demanding and stressful world

A self-paced course designed to give you all the tools and techniques you need to cope in a demanding world. Learn how to recognise the patterns of stress and equip yourself with strategies to protect yourself from burnout and build resilience.

Welcome to FD Consultants

We’re a highly skilled team specialising in crisis and trauma support for employees across a breadth of sectors. We understand that each and every organisation is different, and that each company contains individuals who are their own people, both at work and outside of work. We draw on this ethos to provide a reliable, quick, and bespoke support system in the workplace to improve employee mental health, building strong relationships with individual organisations along the way.

Over 50 Specialist

We have a constantly growing team of professional specialist associates working with us. Our specialist teams are trained to help organisations navigate trauma and difficult crises in the workplace, equipped with counselling, coaching, and workshops to build resilience and strengthen a team.

Working Globally

We don’t want location to be a barrier for any organisation we work with. Wherever you are in the world, and whatever field you are working in, our team can assist. FD Consultants provides global support, with specialists on our team who live and work all over the world.

Speaking 30+ Languages 

Building a team that can work with organisations of all varieties has been important to us. At FD Consultants, we’ve curated a collective team that speaks over 30 different languages, ensuring that our services are as globally accessible as possible.

We believe in working and walking alongside individuals or organisations empowering them to find their own solutions and we strongly believe everyone can recover from mental health challenges with the right help and support. We are approachable, calming and responsive in our methodology.

How We Can Support
Your Organisation

Our trauma specialists are trained to offer guidance and support to organisations of all shapes and sizes. No matter how large your organisation is, the specific industry you work within, or your location, we aim to find a way to effectively help provide all the crisis support your staff may need. When you work in a field that exposes your team to all sorts of traumatic images, stories, or experiences, then offering counselling and support is essential. 

General Support

FD Consultants seeks to offer support that takes whatever form your specific organisation needs. Whether you need tools and techniques, general advice, or simply a support specialist you can reach out to, we’re here to provide whatever we can do to strengthen your workplace.

Training and Support

Equipping your staff with the tools needed to cope in their work environment is one of the most empowering things you can do to support them. We can offer your team a variety of training and coaching sessions. This could include stress management classes, or perhaps workshops to help build resilience in your field.

Trauma and Crisis Support

When your staff is facing traumatic experiences, be it due to their industry or something happening within the team, you want to ensure you are offering professional, empathetic, and caring services. FD Consultant’s trauma specialists are trained to handle a crisis, providing thorough support, counselling, and advice on how to approach these situations as a workplace.

Supporting Content Moderators

We offer best practice psychological wellbeing services to protect staff against the challenging space of the online landscape by providing high-quality trauma specialist care for organisation staff working as content moderators, intelligence analysts, journalists and online researchers exposed to traumatic material.

Our Difference

A Passion for Helping

FD Consultants was born out of a desire to help organisations we saw suffering. We’ve dedicated ourselves to supporting the humanitarian sector, mental health charities, emergency first responders, journalists, and anyone else whose work exposes them to traumatic material and experiences. We care about these industries and the people working within them.

Removing the Stigma

Our team believes in the power of communication and being open about our struggles. As strong advocates for mental health awareness, the FD Consultants team aims to remove the stigma of discussing our emotional wellbeing, providing open counselling and creating safe spaces within workplaces.

Faith in Recovery

Our specialists do this work because they believe in it. We believe anybody can recover and heal from challenging situations and experiences, and all our services are approached with this value. We seek to help people find resilience within themselves, teaching effective techniques and strategies that set up individuals and organisations for a lifetime of healthy management.

There are many factors that set apart FD Consultants. These are just a few of the core values that make up the foundation of our team, and these beliefs have helped us to create support services that effectively help a workplace navigate challenging and traumatic situations. We believe in what we do and care about providing thorough support for a range of different industries.

Services Offered

Wellbeing Workshops

‘Stress Management & Resilience Building’,
‘Trauma Awareness’, ‘Psychological First
Aid (PFA) Peer Support Programmes’,
‘Crisis Response’

Management & Leadership training:

‘Personal Resilience’, ‘Mental Health
Awareness’, ‘Conflict Resolution’, ‘Sickness
Absence’, coaching, team building.

Individual support

Trauma specialist counselling (EMDR
&TF-CBT, as recommended by WHO, APA &
NICE), General counselling, Pre, mid or
post deployment consultations.

Group support

Psychological debriefs, PFA workshops and
trainings, team building, supervision

Equip yourself with all the tools necessary to enhance your wellbeing and professional success.

Our Revive Your Mind program has been built from the ground up by specialists who understand the strain professional and personal life can have on an individual. This training course includes three detailed modules that teach you how to navigate stress, protect your overall wellbeing, and build resilience. These are tools you’re going to carry with you long into the future. With no strict timelines and all the essential resources provided, there’s no reason not to enrol in this life-changing course today.

Our Clients

Resources and Support

Work with FD Consultants

We strongly believe that equipping staff with the right tools to handle stress and difficult situations can make the lives of individuals and the overall success of a workplace endlessly better. Reach out today to discuss how we can support your team.

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