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Counselling, training, and trauma support services provided by accredited professionals.

High-Quality Support Services
from Specialist Therapists

Through our work with emergency responders, mental health charities, humanitarian organisations, and a variety of other professionals exposed to traumatic experiences, we’ve built a portfolio of effective support services for individuals and organisations. 

Whether you’re looking to offer overall support for a wider team or are looking to personally recover from a stressful period. FD Consultants seeks to provide all the support and counselling you need to recover. We firmly believe that anyone can build resilience and strengthen their ability to handle a stressful working life.

How We Can Support Your Organisation

General Support 

We believe that anybody can recover from difficult experiences and situations if placed in a supportive and caring environment. At FD Consultants, we work to provide support, all varieties of counselling and pre, mid and post deployment consultations, to best promote resilience and help individuals and teams heal. Whatever support you need to keep your organisation and the wellbeing of your staff protected, we can provide the assistance you need.

Trauma and Crisis Support

Being exposed to traumatic material and experiences is naturally going to put a challenging strain on anyone’s wellbeing. For individuals working within industries that involve such exposure, or organisations responding to a sudden crisis, effective support from accredited trauma specialists can make a world of difference.

Training and Support

FD Consultants has put together a variety of workshops built to equip individuals and organisations with essential tools and techniques. Be it stress management strategies, how to avoid burnout, or any other key tool needed for your field of work, our training programs and workshops may be able to help.

Covid-19 Support

The pandemic has placed an abundance of stress on many different workplaces. Whether your staff have faced direct impacts to their team or whether your industry has needed to provide an unprecedented level of crisis response, chances are the last few years have left your workplace challenged. The best thing you can do is ensure everyone on your team is supported and trained to manage the stress and anxiety Covid-19 has placed on their lives.

Work with FD Consultants

FD Consultants is here to help any organisation looking to offer their staff with effective, empathetic, and collaborative psychological support. We are a source of hope and strength when it feels like you haven’t got any left. Reach out to our team of specialists today to discuss the situation you or your workplace is facing, and let us find a proven, evidence-based solution to navigate you through this challenging period.

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