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Protecting staff and individuals working in high-stress environments.

Build Skills, Awareness,
and Resilience

Certain workplace environments are inherently high-stress environments for employees, and those working in areas such as emergency services, mental health charities, and the humanitarian sector understand this all too well. Our team at FD Consultants have over 10 years of experience in helping employees in these and other industries to identify and manage stress levels caused by highly stressful work environments. Through recognising an increasing need for such services, we have developed our training and workshops aimed towards assisting employees to build the skills, awareness, and resilience necessary to manage such stress.

Train Your Team with FD Consultants

Stress Management &
Resilience Building 

At FD Consultants our trademark Stress Management and Resilience Building training is our most popular workshop. This workshop aims to identify our stress cycle and to build our resources to manage our stress levels. This half day workshop includes practical exercises to reduce stress, including creating your own wellbeing plan using our own RESPECT resilience model (Dunkley, 2018). 

Trauma and Vicarious
Trauma Awareness

This workshop provides an overview of trauma symptoms to enhance understanding, and explains the physiology and neuroscience of trauma. Being able to recognise the signs of trauma in ourselves and others is a critical skill in the workplace, and one that cannot be taken lightly. This half day workshop allows you to gain skills to support someone who is traumatised.

Psychological First Aid (PFA) Peer Support [Mental Health First Aiders] 

Our Psychological First Aid workshop focuses on equipping peers with the basic knowledge and confidence necessary to provide psychological support for colleagues and team members. PFA Peer Support is an evidence-informed support workshop aimed specifically at equipping non-specialist personnel to offer basic mental health first aid. The goal of this workshop is to assist peers help their colleagues in distress in a way that promotes their coping strategies. We have setup robust peer support programmes in the U.K. and Europe; our most recent programmes are based in Myanmar, Ethiopia, and Sierra Leone.

Management and Leadership Training

We recommend a stepped approach to management and leadership training. Our trainings include, personal resilience, mental health awareness, conflict resolution and absence management. We also offer coaching and team building services. We believe that to create a healthy organisational culture managers need to be provided with the skills, confidence, and knowledge to support wellbeing and resilience in the workplace.

Management and Leadership Training

As a manager or team leader, you understand the importance of leading by example. By improving your own skills, you can improve both the mental health of your employees and the quality of the work they produce. 

Personal Resilience

This half day workshop encourages managers to lead by example. The Personal Resilience workshop provides tools and techniques for managers to build their personal resilience. It enables managers to feel competent when speaking about mental health, challenge stigma in the workplace and signpost staff to specialist support when necessary to encourage recovery.

Mental Health

The Mental Health Awareness workshop is a one-day workshop, which can be divided into two half days. The workshop provides managers with the tools, knowledge and understanding of how to support the mental health of staff members and their teams. Embedding evidence-based techniques and models to support staff psychologically, we explore many of the common mental health disorders and share a sector specific model to develop a wellness action plan for staff.

Conflict Resolution

Our Conflict Resolution one-day workshop, which can also be divided into two half days, is based on best practice mediation skills. Participants will learn how to deal with strong emotions, difficult behaviours and challenging communication. We teach our Conflict Resolution SAFETY model (FD Consultants, 2021), enabling participants to create a safe space for conflict to be resolved quickly and effectively.

Absence Management

Absence Management is a half day workshop. FD Consultants are specialists in supporting organisations to improve absenteeism management, aiming to reduce staff absence and improve organisation culture. We teach skills and techniques to support managers with absenteeism and train managers to support their staff back into the workplace.

Crisis Management

This half day training workshop trains the Crisis Management Team or senior managers in how to respond to a critical incident and support their staff appropriately.

Wellbeing Webinars

We offer webinars (for all staff) on the following subjects:

  • Mental Health Awareness,
  • Stress management, Resilience,
  • Trauma Awareness,
  • Managing Uncertainty,
  • Mindfulness,
  • Psychologically Safe Management,
  • Post Traumatic Growth,
  • and other bespoke trainings.
This training is available for all staff, not just managers.

Training for Therapists

FD Consultants is also proud to offer additional training for therapists. These training sessions can revolve around issues such as traumatic grief, vicarious trauma, best use of supervision, and group facilitation. Being experts in the field we can offer bespoke training as requested, particularly in trauma and crisis management.

Our Goal

An accumulation of daily workloads and/or a particular incident or event can significantly impact employee mental health. To address this, we have created training and workshops to help colleagues and team members assist one another in the aftermath of such events. Our goal is to support individuals and organisations to improve resilience and mental health issues arising from highly stressful environments and situations. Using compassion, creativity, and collaboration, we aim to empower those experiencing mental health challenges by providing personalised help and support. 

Meet some of the Team

Our qualified, highly skilled, and highly experienced specialist trainers offer training and workshops when and where they’re needed most. Experienced in situations such as scaling up quickly in major incidents, our workshops and training sessions give colleagues and team members the tools to support each other when needed. This allows employees to return to work successfully, and improves wellbeing and individual, team, and organisation resilience. We also manage the fallout of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs), where these programmes may have long waiting lists or end care at assessment stage. Additionally, many EAPs do not offer trauma specialist care, and often call on us for our expertise in this area.

Work with FD Consultants

If your organisation as a whole or its individual employees are experiencing mental health challenges or the effects of trauma, we’re here to help. At FD Consultants we deliver reliable, quick, and bespoke support systems across many industries, and personalise each approach to get the best results for all involved. To work with FD Consultants, contact our empathetic and experienced team today.

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