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Trauma and Crisis Support

Providing trauma and crisis support when and where it’s needed most.

Trauma and Crisis Support
For Organisations

Trauma can come in many different shapes and forms, and at FD Consultants we understand how this can affect individuals in all areas. We’re a team of specialised and skilled trauma care experts who are well-versed in assisting employees and organisations who have experienced a traumatic event or witnessed traumatic material. Blending compassion, creativity, and expertise, our experienced specialists help to manage the effects trauma can cause, and assist individuals to cope and recover quickly.

Trauma Assessments

We offer trauma assessments to assist employees across organisations of all sizes and types. Trauma is not limited to specific industries, and it can affect anybody who has experienced a traumatic event, either directly or indirectly. Our trauma assessments consider the wide range of trauma symptoms and help those experiencing trauma by offering vital coping strategies and resources.

Trauma Specialist Counselling

Trauma specialist counselling (EMDR & TF-CBT) - These trauma specialist therapies provide counselling support and are recommended by WHO, APA and NICE guidelines.

Critical incident

We recognise the importance of offering debriefs after critical incidents to support individuals or teams. These debriefs can be impactful for those who are experiencing the direct or indirect impact of trauma. We are aware it is not just those on the frontline that can be impacted by trauma, for example, a research project that focused on traumatic material, imagery and stories may evoke a trauma response in certain individuals.

Critical Incident

We support organisations when managing significant change or managing a critical incident. We offer consultancy advice to senior management and leadership teams. 

Trauma management programmes

We can help organisations embed trauma management programmes into their organisation. This enables a clear process and procedure to follow to support staff wellbeing following a traumatic incident, allowing staff to recover and return to work quicker. For example, we have implemented trauma support programmes specifically for the pandemic response and Ukraine crisis. We strongly believe all organisations need to consider having a trauma support and wellbeing programme for staff to foster staff wellbeing and improve resilience. 

About Our General Support Services

Flexible Delivery 

We understand each workplace and each individual is different. As such, we offer both in-person and online services that see equally successful recovery rates regardless of the type of delivery.

Always Personalised 

One size does not fit all when it comes to organisational support. We work closely with each organisation to understand the culture and offer personalised services aimed at improving resilience specific to your organisation.

Facilitated By Experts

We’re a team of highly skilled and specialised associates with over 10 years of experience. All of our associates are highly qualified experts with a wealth of experience in crisis support and trauma counselling.

Fiona Dunkley, the founder of FD Consultants, understands precisely the importance of caring for employees. After many years working alongside those in emergency services and humanitarian aid organisations, she utilised her skills to create FD Consultants. 

FD Consultants is a team of specialists in trauma care who continue the meaningful work Fiona started and expands upon it by offering a large network of specialist therapists and trainers. FD Consultants aims to assist individual organisations and employees improve resilience and offers personalised services specific to each organisation. 

Our Goal

Employees who have gone through traumatic experiences can have additional concerns regarding their employment following a traumatic incident. Our goal is to help these individuals understand that their mental health is a priority in the workplace, and that their feelings are valid and respected. In doing so, we work quickly to support staff as much as needed and as soon as possible, enabling faster recoveries so they can return to the workplace successfully.

Meet some of the Team

Our team of support specialists have a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing trauma specialist care. All of our trauma specialist therapists are trained in EMDR and TF-CBT and crisis responses, all of which are recommended by WHO, APA and NICE guidelines. Our large network of specialist therapists and trainers offer services efficiently and quickly, and realise the importance of scaling up quickly following major incidents. 

We have also managed the fallout of large employee assistance programmes (EAPs) and how this can affect employee mental health and work performance following a traumatic event. Many large EAPs recognise the value of our trauma specialist care and as such, call on us for our expertise in this area.

Work with FD Consultants

If your organisation as a whole or its individual employees are experiencing mental health challenges or the effects of trauma, we’re here to help. At FD Consultants we deliver reliable, quick, and bespoke support systems across many industries, and personalise each approach to get the best results for all involved. To work with FD Consultants, contact our empathetic and experienced team today.

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