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Providing highly specialised psychosocial support for your organisation’s employees.

Counselling, Wellbeing
Coaching, and Support For
Employees and Organisations 

For organisations seeking compassionate psychosocial support for their staff, FD Consultants has a team of specialists ready to step in and provide the care you’re looking for. We approach all our services with utmost creativity and empathy, seeking to build your workplace into a sufficient community that can rely on one another and knows they are supported in all they do.

Our General Support Services

Pre, Mid and Post-Deployment Consultations

Deployment can often elicit a range of emotions, whether this is a person’s first or tenth deployment. We understand that associated issues can occur pre, mid, and post-deployment, so we offer support for deployment preparation, reviewing, and debriefing. These appointments provide a pathway of care throughout the entire experience, ultimately aiming to enhance resilience.


Burnout, stress, and anxiety can affect anybody at any time, and we understand this wholeheartedly. Any challenge in life can bring about associated mental health challenges, no matter your occupation. Our professional counselling service is available for anybody experiencing these and other mental health issues.


Wellbeing incorporates many facets that affect an individual’s quality of life. Our wellbeing coaching services work to enhance this quality of life by providing guidance on areas of wellbeing such as work/life balance. Additionally, we also offer mental health coaching for managers to assist with managing a staff member’s mental health issues, which improves working relationships in the process.

Support Sessions

We’re understanding of individual needs and recognise that some people prefer individual sessions while others like group sessions. We offer both individual and group sessions which are set up to support individuals working in intense or high-risk roles. These typically take place every 4-6 weeks and allow participants to debrief and explore challenging issues as well as build much-needed resources.


Psychological screening for staff includes completing psychometric questionnaires which focus on stress awareness and resilience. These are compiled into a report that identifies resilience factors and risks along with recommendations, which is then passed on to the organisation. This usually occurs once every six months or once per year.


These assessments aid in helping employees struggling with mental health issues that are affecting their time or performance at work. We offer psychological assessments to support the individual themselves as well as assist the organisation in supporting the individual back into the workplace.

About Our General Support Services

Flexible Delivery 

We understand each workplace and each individual is different. As such, we offer both in-person and online services that see equally successful recovery rates regardless of the type of delivery.

Always Personalised 

One size does not fit all when it comes to organisational support. We work closely with each organisation to understand the culture and offer personalised services aimed at improving resilience specific to your organisation.

Facilitated By Experts

We’re a team of highly skilled and specialised associates with over 10 years of experience. All of our associates are highly qualified experts with a wealth of experience in crisis support and trauma counselling.

Fiona Dunkley, the founder of FD Consultants, understands precisely the importance of caring for employees. After many years working alongside those in emergency services and humanitarian aid organisations, she utilised her skills to create FD Consultants. 

FD Consultants is a team of specialists in trauma care who continue the meaningful work Fiona started and expands upon it by offering a large network of specialist therapists and trainers. FD Consultants aims to assist individual organisations and employees improve resilience and offers personalised services specific to each organisation. 

Supporting Your Workplace

Our goal is to support individuals and organisations to improve resilience and mental health issues arising from highly stressful environments and situations. Using compassion, creativity, and collaboration, we aim to empower those experiencing mental health challenges by providing personalised help and support.

Meet some of the Team

Our qualified, highly skilled, and highly experienced specialist therapists and trainers offer personalised services efficiently and quickly in every instance. Experienced in situations such as scaling up quickly in major incidents, we assist employees in returning to work successfully, and improve wellbeing and individual, team, and organisation resilience. 

We also manage the fallout of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs), where these programmes may have long waiting lists or end care at assessment stage. Additionally, many EAPs do not offer trauma specialist care, and often call on us for our expertise in this area.

Work with FD Consultants

If your organisation as a whole or its individual employees are experiencing mental health challenges or the effects of trauma, we’re here to help. At FD Consultants we deliver reliable, quick, and bespoke support systems across many industries, and personalise each approach to get the best results for all involved. To work with FD Consultants, contact our empathetic and experienced team today.

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