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Learn simple, evidenced-based, user-friendly techniques to reduce stress in your life.

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It’s Time To Live Life On Your Terms

Do you feel like your life is being consumed by busyness and stress? Like you’re constantly on autopilot, unable to keep up with the demands of your career, relationships, and home life? 

If you feel as though you can’t effectively manage stress, you’re not alone. Most people can’t cope with the stress of life – not because they are incapable, but because they don’t have the right tools and techniques to employ when stress strikes. While it may not be possible to remove every cause of stress in your life, you can change the way you respond to stress – and we’re excited to help you do that. 

Our team at FD Consultants is proud to present a practical and user-friendly e-learning course, tailored to help people of all demographics learn to manage stress.


Revive Your Mind is a self-paced online course that equips you with practical tools and techniques to manage stress and build resilience. Across three detailed modules, you’ll be guided by mental health experts as you learn to recognise triggers, understand the physiology of stress, and enhance your wellbeing. This course is for anyone who wants to improve their ability to deal with stress of any kind. 

A Self-Paced Journey To A More Resilient You 



Recognising Stress
Triggers and Signs

You will gain a better understanding of stress in the workplace and in your personal life. You will be able to identify your own stress triggers and signs and recognise stress in others.



The Mechanics of Stress

You will gain an understanding of how neuroscience plays its part in producing stress and you will gain a broader understanding of the physiology of stress.



Build Resilience and Improve Your Wellbeing

You will learn tools and techniques to mitigate stress, build resilience and improve your wellbeing. You can use our RESPECT resilience model to create your own wellbeing plan and to support others who may be suffering from stress. 

What You’ll Get

  • Access to three unique modules designed to expand your knowledge
  • Engaging information in the form of video and animation
  • Downloadable worksheets that you can use during and after the course
  • Interactive exercises to put your learning into action
  • Guide sheets and other helpful resources to support your progress
  • Additional signposting and support from the FD Consultants team
  • A certificate upon completion to record your participation in the course


Ready to Revive Your Mind?

Enhance Your Wellbeing

Our experience of stress influences how we experience life! If you want to spend less time worried, anxious, and stressed, and more time present, happy, and well, join us today.

Expand Your Knowledge

As humans we are constantly evolving and learning. If you’re ready to dedicate more time to personal development, Revive Your Mind is the perfect place to start.

Build Real Resilience

Resilience is key to handling life’s challenges. Learning to manage stress is a significant stride towards real resilience that can support you through even the toughest of times.

Join At Launch and Save £50

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Kind Word
About Revive
Your Mind

Your Questions Answered

Revive Your Mind is a self-paced course designed to fit around your schedule. Ideally, you complete the modules in numeric order. Each module takes approximately one hour to complete, however you can work through the course in stages if you prefer.

The course usually costs £149. Right now, we have a limited time offer of £99! Sign up today to save £50.

Revive Your Mind is for anyone ready to improve their life and learn practical tools and techniques to manage stress. 

Yes. Revive Your Mind is a great option for organisations who want to enhance staff wellbeing and offer mental health education. For guidance and advice for distributing the course across your organisation, get in touch with our team today.

Contact our team today! We are happy to answer all your questions about the Revive Your Mind e-course.

Join Now For Just £99 (Save £50!)

Join the Revive Your Mind course today for just £99 (usually £149!) and unlock all three modules to learn to recognise triggers, manage stress, and increase resilience.

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