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Absence Management Training

At FD Consultants we have found that where organisations are more stressed, absenteeism proliferates. A highly stressed organisation, that often deals with traumatic material, can function from a fire-fighting culture, intense working hours, and high expectations, resulting in a breakdown of communication, increased stress, mental health problems and physical illness, increasing likelihood of sick leave and absenteeism. Creating a positive and healthy organisational culture can be undermined by frequent staff absenteeism and increases workload for other staff members, culminating in diminishing staff motivation, productivity and loyalty, leading to staff turnover and reputational risk. FD Consultants are specialist in supporting organisations to improve absenteeism management aiming to reduce staff absence and improve organisation culture. We teach skills and techniques to support with absenteeism and train managers to support their staff back into the workplace. When absence management is not responded to effectively, it can exacerbate the situation and lead to further workplace issues.

Our Absence Management Training is based on best practice. Participants will learn how to deal with absenteeism behaviour patterns effectively while seeking to quell underlying difficulties leading to these behaviours. We enable participants to create a safe space for absenteeism to be explored and better understood and teach effective ways to develop ‘back to work’ plans that are fit for purpose.

Objectives of our Absence Management training:

• Participants will understand key causes of absenteeism, and understand their own role and responsibility.

• Confidence will be developed in the application of the organisation’s Absence Management Policy.

• Participants will learn how to develop collaborative plans to support employees to return to work and to reduce further absenteeism.

• Participants will explore absentee situations specific to the context of their organisation and have opportunity to discuss management of these in accordance with policy.

• Participants will feel confident managing a return to work plan and understand what to ask for when referring someone to Occupational Health.

FD Consultants style of training is educational, relational and participatory. We have adapted all our materials to offer online training and have been facilitating remote training for several years, as well as face-toface. We have offered training to staff in over 100 countries and can provide training in several languages. All participants will receive a copy of the slides and further guidesheets to refer to after the training. We are a global psychological health service and therefore adapt our trainings to respect different cultures, taking into account gender, race, and other diversity considerations, offering an intersectional approach.

FD Consultants work has been contracted through recommendation and reputation. We pride ourselves on offering a high-quality service with high standards.

Organisational support

FD Consultants are the well-being service who will best deliver a reliable, quick, and bespoke support system in the workplace. FD Consultant’s team of accredited specialists will offer ongoing support to help manage stress, prevent burnout and provide specialist trauma care where required, enabling your staff with the tools to cope, and recover more quickly.

Feedback about our Absence Management Training 

Feedback from this training course evidenced that after attending this workshop 100% of managers felt more confident supporting staff through a return-to-work plan.

“This workshop has given me the confidence and tools to manage staff back into the workplace after periods of sick leave.” (Manager, Humanitarian Sector, 2021)

The most common approach to supporting staff after sickness absence is a ‘Return to Work’ interview. Managers need to be competent when managing a member of staff’s return-to-work plan. (Chartered Institute of P&D, 2021)

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